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You have a wardrobe full of clothes? This is now time to turn them into cash!

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Always nothing to wear? Time to get an unlimited wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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How much can you make from your hardly-worn clothes?

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What people are saying

"Rentez-vous is more than just shopping, it's about sharing stories and get access to a unique experience."

Rania, Student

"Welcome to Collaborative Fashion!"

Even, UK Airbnb Manager

"The most guilt-free shopping experience!"

Coral Renter

"No wasted value in your wardrobe and even pocket money!"

Daniela Blogger

"This is the perfect way to test my creations and get unique insights from my targets! Now I can really say that I co-create."

Anne-Sophie, Designer

"Overconsumption is a real issue and tons of clothing end up in landfills every year. Rentez-Vous tackles that problem directly by offering low-cost trials."

Renée Lacroix, Antithesis Creative Director


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